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How did kefir save my husband’s life?

In the spring of 2011 we launch our little online business called Chuckling Goat, selling the kefir online, mainly to gym bunnies and fitness fanatics, as the kefir is one of the top post-workout foods.

I noticed that drinking the kefir cleared Benji’s asthma and stopped his cycle of bronchial infections. It also improved his breathing, and his skin. We put his inhalers away – he didn’t need them anymore.

By 2012 our business was booming. We bought twenty more goats, and Rich installed a milking machine for my birthday gift. Better than diamonds!

Everything was sunny. But then disaster struck abruptly….

In April 2013 Rich went into the hospital for a major operation, and came out of hospital with an antibiotic-resistant superbug infection. His 10-inch surgical incision was infected with this flesh-eating bacteria MRSA, which was creating small red holes in the wound that were deeper and wider every day.

The doctor who came to our house peeled back the long bandage over Rich’s abdomen, looked at the wound and went entirely white. I literally watched the blood drain out of his face.

The doctor told us abruptly that he had no experience with anything of this magnitude. He suggested that we contact the surgeon who had originally performed Rich’s operation in the first place, packed up his black bag and ran from the house.

I felt my knees buckle beneath me as I confronted the possibility that my husband might actually die on my couch, As he had swabbed positive for MRSA, the hospital would be reluctant to re-admit him. Anyhow, he had contacted MRSA in the hospital to begin with – and since they don’t have anything to give him, surely he would be better off at home where at least he wouldn’t catch any more cross infection?

Over the next week or so, my adored husband – whom I didn’t meet until I was 41 years old – began to fade, passing in and out of consciousness. I realize that the day the galloping infection hits his vital organs, our happy ending was really and truly over.

I gritted my teeth and decided that this was not happening – not on my watch. Not if I had anything to say about it.

I frantically began to do research. I found some information suggesting that essential oils might be effective at fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

“Essential oils,” I thought, excitedly. “I have loads of essential oils to use in my soap!” And indeed I did – a whole closet full. I started experimenting with combinations of essential oils, until I found a recipe that I thought might work to knock back the pathogen levels.


The surgeon (whom we did contact! but who was also unable to help us…) had informed us that MRSA colonizes all over the body. Every normal skin cells is replaced with a copy of the MRSA cells. Even if I were to kill of 97% of all the MRSA cells, all the ones that I could reach – even if I were to bathe Rich in pure bleach, there would still be a few MRSA cells left behind his ears, under his fingernails – I could never kill them all. And the ones that were inevitably left behind, would simply re-populate and take over again.

So. How could I fight an enemy that I could never completely eradicate, that would simply re-grow from any tiny bit I leave over?

I couldn’t. Loss, failure, death. There was just no winning outcome from that question.

So, if I don’t like the answer, then I figured I was asking the wrong question.

I just need to ask a better question, I reasoned, desperately trying to stay calm.

I racked my brain. What was a better question?

Not – how can I fight and kill the MRSA. Nothing that aggressive is going to work. It’s that kind of thinking that got us into this antibiotic-resistant mess to begin with.

But maybe — how can the MRSA be resolved. How can it be brought into harmony?

Ah, that’s better. With that question, I can begin to see some answers.

Harmony, not death. I needed to find a truce. I needed an ally. I need a friend on the microbiological level. I need something that will bring the MRSA back under control, back into balance.

MRSA is one of those things that is present on our skins all the time, that just gets out of balance. So, how to restore balance?

Well, the one thing I knew about that would restore balance – was the kefir. I knew that inside the gut, kefir worked to repopulate the good bacteria, and bring the internal ecosystem back into balance.

What if it worked the same way on the skin?

With Rich getting weaker by the day, and without any other options, I figured I had nothing to lose.

So this is what I did – I blended up my special combination of essential oils – CG Oil, I dubbed it. It smelled nice, anyway. I figured it couldn’t harm him – and it just might help!

I put 10 drops of it into a solution of warm water, and I bathed Rich with it, using a warm flannel. This would hopefully knock the MRSA pathogen level back a bit.

And then- and this is the important bit – I coated his skin with kefir. He smelled a bit like a cheese.

When he groggily asked me what I was doing, I just said, “Don’t worry, my darling, I have it all under control.”

Which I so didn’t…

But here’s the amazing thing –

It actually worked.

Two weeks later, Rich swabbed completely clear of MRSA. Today he is happy, healthy, and back on his tractor. ]

I sent the CG Oil off to the lab to have it tested – and sure enough, it kills MRSA at a dilution of .05%. It also kills campylobacter, E coli and C difficile.

And the combination of the CG Oil and the kefir performed a two-part action on the resistant bacteria -to reduce the bad bugs, and re-populate the good bugs. That’s what worked.

And that’s the part that modern medicine has been missing, all this time. They’re big on killing off the bad bugs – but they don’t bother to re-populate the good ones!

So, I learned two important things.

  1. Nature has the answers to the problems that we have created with our overuse of chemicals. MRSA may be resistant to antibiotics – but essential oils are effective against it. Essential oils also have the added benefit that being made from plants, unlike bleach, you can inhale them, swallow them, and put them on your skin.
  2. Kefir works on skin.

22 thoughts on “How did kefir save my husband’s life?

  1. Hello, have just read that dogs can be given Kefir for itchyness. How would this work please from someone who knows nothing about Kefir. Thank you.

    1. Hi Veronica,

      Kefir works the same for dogs as it does for us humans, by repopulating the good bacteria within the microbiome. We’d advise giving them 20ml daily (one tablespoon).

      For their skin, we recommend our Calm-Down products, with lavender essential oil – be sure to carry out a patch test first, to ensure no reaction. The cleanser lathers up very well and can be used as a shampoo – the lotion can be moisturised into the area 🙂

      Best wishes,

  2. what is cg oil…i am caring for the wounds on a relative, using colloidal silver, manuka, iodine, …not making much success.. i make my own raw milk kefir, and he has started drinking it. i was just thinking today that i should cover the wounds in kefir, and what do you know, i found this article!
    would be interested in the oil

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Our CG Oil is a special blend of essential oils, proven to combat E-Coli, MRSA and other nasties. We wouldn’t advise applying the CG Oil directly to the wound but it can be used to carefully wash surrounding areas of skin to help prevent infection.

      Shann used a combination of the CG Oil and kefir to help combat her husband’s case of MRSA – washing surrounding areas with a CG Oil and water dilution followed by the kefir, to help re-populate the skin biome with good bacteria, creating less space for the bad to thrive.

      Great to hear he’s started drinking kefir too – this will help boost the immune system and speed up recovery.

      Feel free to give us a call on 01239 654072 if you have further queries – we’ll be happy to help!


      1. Hi Shann,
        I am a subscriber of your wonderful Kefir and swear by it, and all related products. I am due to go into hospital for surgery and worry about the wound becoming infected or worse MRSA. I have read your book and was inspired by the application of uour natural treatment of such a killer bug. I also remember reading that you used honey dressings. Could you please tell me at what stage did you apply these?

        1. Hi Cindy – Thanks for the kind words! I would recommend that you get some of our CG Oil to take with you into hospital. Put a few drops into a spray bottle full of water and spray and wipe down the fittings in the hospital. You can also bathe with 5 drops of the CG Oil in a bath before you go in – it’s effective as MRSA. (Although VERY strong, never use it undiluted!) You can also spray the diluted mix onto your skin and wipe down. (Not the wound itself.) The honey dressings can be used on any wound – they’re great for preventing infections, and for promoting healing. Here’s an article from the NHS’ OWN website, on the benefits of medical honey. I recommend that you print it out and take it into hospital with you. Try to find a sympathetic nurse who will apply they honey dressings at your request. You’ll need to buy the dressings and take them in with you – they don’t supply them, as they’re too expensive. Buy them here:
          Drink kefir before, during and after – important to restore the bugs that the antibiotics will wipe out.
          Good luck and keep me posted!x

    2. OK Thanks i will pass that onto my friend with the itchy dog. By the way i am trying to apply your revelation to other issues “if i don’t like the answer ask a different question.” Brilliant!

      Best wishes,

      Linda Jones

    1. Hi Deborah,

      Kefir will really help you, by restoring your immune system (which will have been wiped out by any antibiotics you may have had to take) so that your body can begin to heal and fight the infection.

      We’ve had brilliant success with clients taking the kefir for the same reasons!

      Feel free to call 01239 654072 if you’d like to chat more.

      Best wishes,

  3. Hi there,
    My husband has had recurrent infections with MRSA in the form of abscesses. Numbering close to twenty over a year. He has had a few surgeries and had some large wounds. It has all been horrendous and despite many gp visits and dermatology referrals we don’t seem to have got anywhere. I’m also a nurse so do have a good knowledge of wound care.It all started a month after returning from Vietnam. We were both put on weeks of doxycycline antibiotics as an anti malarial. A couple of weeks after stopping this the first abscess appeared. I also have had three abscesses. Despite this we’re both young, fit and well. We were following a regime of antibiotics each infection and use of antimocrobial cleanser and cream.
    Looking at your page following another abscess and being at our wits end we are both trying a different approach of stopping antimiceobials and using google probiotics. In the last couple of day we have Both started drinking and using kefir in the shower. I really hope it helps us. My question is if we use some lavender oil or other essential oils will this not kill the good bacteria in the kefir as well as the bad?
    Do you think kefir is likely to help?
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Elly –
      So sorry to hear that you’ve had such a horrible time! I’d be happy to speak with you personally about this – if you’d like to ring and book a consultation, feel free to ring 01239 654 072 and tell them Shann said to waive the fee.

  4. Hi, Do the goats have to be impregnated to keep producing milk. I do take home made kefir every day but i do not like the fact that baby animals are the ones that suffer because of mild production. Is there way around this? We saw a farmer in Mexico who shared the milk with the calf. Just wondering and I do love kefir.

  5. Hi Kay –
    Sorry, the phones do tend to be busy, but someone should return your call within 24 hours.
    Detox is variable depending on your level of microbiome damage, but does tend to kick in straight away. The severity of your detox marks the level of your microbiome damage – so I’d judge that you have quite a bit of repair work to do there! Stick with it – get yourself up to 170 ml daily as quickly as you can tolerate. The longer you draw the detox out, the longer the whole process will take. Good luck and stick with it – you’ll be glad you did!
    Best, Shann

  6. Hello Shann,
    I have ordered your Kefir as I have Cdiff that I cannot get rid of. I had a hernia repair op in January, came home and was back in with an infection that needed a drain and months of antibiotics which have left me with Cdiff.
    You mention Cdiff, will the Kefir help me or do I need to order something else from you, you also mention essential oils in your article? I’m feeling very battered and scared I will not beat this. Many thanks, Kay Fletcher

    1. Hi Kay –
      Sorry to hear of your health challenges! Kefir will really help you, by restoring your immune system (which will have been wiped out by the antibiotics) so that your body can begin to heal and fight the infection. If you still have an open wound, you can use our CG Oil and I would also recommend manuka honey infused sterile surgical bandages. (You can order them from Amazon, trade name Activon). If you’d like to chat and ask any questions, we’d be happy to speak with you, 01239 654 072. Here’s a letter we had from someone who had an extremely severe infection:
      Dear Shann
      I am a inpatient at withybush hospital, i have been here since the 10th july 2015 with life threatening septicaemia, lymphodema, cellulitis, and liphodema and have been classed as terminally ill. The doctors reached the end of what they could do back in November 2015. Due to the fact that i have an open wound covering almost all of the back of my top right thigh, and also being unable to get my crp (infection levels) down with antibiotics. They told me and my family that they didn’t expect me to be here much after Christmas.
      My daughter Sarah Cooper started to research and find anything she could that might help. This is when her biology tutor Kate Bassett – Jones suggest your cg oil and kefir may help due to knowing about your husband and using the kefir herself.
      Following this my daughter contacted you and put in orders for both the cg oil and the kefir. After being on this treatment and the antibiotics for a few months my crp levels have gone from 200+ to just over 70 there is also new skin growing on the wound which is where we use the cg oil.
      Sarah has been my lifeline and has been doing my orders for me from you over the last few months and needs to put in another one. Unfortunately due to her being ill and not being able to come see me to give me the kefir, about 4 bottles of the course were lost due to them going out of date.
      We cannot trust the kefir being safe in the hospital ward fridge even sealed items with my name on get used or taken so we cannot keep it on the ward even the nurses fridge is not safe. This means she has to bring it in everyday.
      I am writing this email to say how much of a saviour your products have been and to ask how soon can we get a course of the kefir and CG oil if my daughter puts in an order asap, we can even pick it up if that makes things quicker.
      My own wound has come on in leaps and bounds the doctors are very pleased with how it is progressing and quicker than they ever expected. Again I believe this is down to your products combined with anti biotics.
      I want to say thank you for all the help you offered my daughter Sarah when she emailed you.
      Sharon Cooper

      1. Hello Shann, thanks for your reply. I have taken my first dose of Kefir milk today
        and had tummy pains and now have bad diarrhoea. Is this an expected/normal reaction? I am scared I have started my Cdiff off – please advise. Thanks, Kay

        1. Hi Kay – Yes, detox is predictable, and your symptoms are common detox signs. The kefir is putting the good bugs back into your system, and they’re getting rid of the bad bugs. The bad bugs have to go somewhere – and out they go! This is the spring cleaning action of the kefir. Stick with it – you’ll feel worse before you feel better. but you will feel better by about day 8/9. If you need a chat please feel free to phone on Monday – we open at 10 am. 01239 654 072. sh.x

          1. Thanks Shann, I rang and left a message, I know you must all be very busy so I appreciate your time in answering my queries. I was surprised at the detox happening after just one dose! I left off the Kefir for the weekend and started back on it today by taking a teaspoonful. Is it best to start it this way and build up or what would you advise? Many thanks, Kay

  7. Hi Shann,

    This is very exciting (and I don’t know why “the powers that be” won’t let you talk about this!

    I have had a staph infection (staphylococcal cellulitis) on my face for a year now. This is from the same strain as the MRSA virus (but not nearly as severe as your poor husband… I’m just very red and ugly with occasional boils on my face. Attractive!).

    I’ve been prescribed antibiotics for at least 6 months as the 3 separate courses I’ve taken haven’t made it go away. I have thrush after 3 days!

    I’ve just ordered another batch of your fizzy goat milk (which I actually love)…. but should I apply it topically too? Or is there something else I should apply to my face as well as to my insides?

    “They” have given me a microbial wash and cream, but I’m very concerned about my balance – not just killing off the baddies.

    Any advice will be very gratefully received.

    Alex (female, age 48)

    1. Hi Alex – The kefir will be perfect for you, as your poor microbiome will be completely wiped out from all those antibiotics! You’ll love the energy boost you get from it as you go on. Watch for a detox – your skin will most likely flare before it starts to permanently improve. I would also suggest the BreakOut kefir skincare, to work on the skin biome at the same time: good luck and keep us posted! Best, Shann

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