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How to settle an upset tummy – naturally.

After years of kefirsing, it’s pretty rare that we get ill on the farm, but occasionally we do catch the odd bug! Recently Benji picked up a tummy bug that left him feeling queasy.

So, natural health mummy to the rescue! Here’s what I did to help him feel better:

  1. First order of business is to deal with the nausea. For this I use my Happy Tummy Tea – take 15 g of fresh ginger root, crush it lightly. Put it in a saucepan, along with 1 peppermint tea bag, and 1 chamomile tea bag. Pour a half kettle of freshly boiled water over the ginger and tea bags. Allow to steep for ten minutes. Strain and drink. If needed, sweeten with 100% pure stevia until he’s happy to drink it. Give this to the patient up to three times a day.
  2. Next you need to heal the damage done by the bug. Stomach bugs cause inflammation in the stomach lining, which is what causes the persistent queasy feeling afterwards.
    1. 2 TBSP per day of Collagen Protein Powder, mixed into water or whatever he can drink to keep it down. Collagen will help heal the lining of the gut.
    2. 1 TBSP per day of healing Brain Octane Oil. This contains purified caprylic fatty acids, which are helpful in killing viruses remaining inside the system and rebalancing the gut.
  3. Reydrate. Try to get as much liquid and bone broth down him as possible. If you’re able to cook a chicken and then simmer the bones for 3 hours, great – he can have that instead of regular food, until he’s able to keep something down. Put a little sea salt in it, and maybe a squeeze of lemon to make it taste better.
  4. Double up on kefir. Kefir does the work of putting the good bugs back into the gut, fighting the virus and getting everything back into balance. Double kefir dose daily, until he feels completely well again!
  5. Supplement with L-glutamine daily until completely recovered. This is a vital nutrient to help rebuild and repair the intestine, as act as a preventative against future gut damage.

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