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The Story of Chuckling Goat – where science and nature go hand in hand.

Here at Chuckling Goat, we believe that everything should be 100% pure and natural – free from any chemicals, dyes, perfumes, phthalates, additives or parabens.

We also believe that everything should be evidence-based. We’re not interested unless it works!

Our beautiful farm in SW Wales is our bio-lab, as well as our family home. Shann and Richard Jones created their business and their 4-generation extended family together on this quiet rural spot overlooking the Irish Sea.

Former city girl and journalist Shann Jones first learned about the power of microbes as she watched Rich mucking out the goat pens onto the farmyard compost heap. Shann was amazed to learn that tiny invisible micro-organisms immediately went to work turning that everyday muck into rich and powerful fertiliser.

While Rich milked their goats, Shann learned to make goats milk kefir on the farmhouse window sill. She noticed the same magical action occurring: tiny invisible organisms, working to transform everyday milk into a super probiotic called kefir.

When Rich fell ill with an antibiotic-resistant superbug called MRSA, Shann used her new knowledge about probiotics and microorganisms to save his life, using kefir and plant-based essential oils. Out of that experience, their business Chuckling Goat was born.

As time went on, customers drinking Chuckling Goat’s pure, unflavoured kefir began to ask questions:

  • Why has my energy and mood improved so much?
  • What’s the connection between my mood and my IBS?
  • Why does drinking a probiotic help my skin?

Shann and Rich went looking for the answers to these questions and stumbled on the science of the microbiome.
Turns out, your microbiome is an ecosystem of trillions of tiny organisms inside your large intestine. This invisible farmyard of living creatures is responsible for the health of many systems inside your body, including your sleep, heart, brain, mood, joints, allergies and digestion.

Your fragile gut bugs are damaged by many of modern life’s most common ingredients: stress, sugar, antibiotics and environmental toxins like the chemicals we commonly find in our cleaning products and personal care products.
Depleting this natural ecosystem leaves you open and vulnerable to many chronic health issues. So like any farm, your internal ecosystem needs to be lovingly watched over and tended!

When Shann and Rich found a microbiome test that allowed their clients to do microbiome testing from the privacy of their own homes, they knew they were onto a winner. No more guessing! Just evidence-based answers about how best to improve microbiome health and diversity.

As time went on, the Joneses added more and more gut health products into their range of evidence-based offerings. The requirement? Everything had to be safe, natural, pure and scientifically proven.

Science describes the condition, and nature provides the solutions. This means that you can take a Microbiome Test, receive a consultation with a friendly Nutritional Therapist, and then have a personalised box of natural gut health products shipped directly to your door.

We believe in asking – and answering – questions! Chuckling Goat offers a team of specially trained and qualified Nutritional Therapists who are available to answer any questions you might have regarding gut health, 8 am to 8 pm every weekday via live chat at

Nature and science – they go hand and hand, at Chuckling Goat.

2 thoughts on “The Story of Chuckling Goat – where science and nature go hand in hand.

  1. I love your story and photos ! I was wondering if you know of/ practice Elaine Ingham’s Soil Food Web. I trained a few years back but have since been unwell (hence my relationship with your products), so have yet to train for my Consultants qualification. Yes! Nature is perfect when we do not interfere with things too much.
    The science is basically understanding how the soil organisms work with the plants – in your case pasture. It is amazing that the biology controls the soil environment chemistry and not the other way around (which we were all taught). There is a beautifully simple yet complex intelligence at work, where the plants exude specific ‘food’ to attract specific microbes that they need to unlock the nutrients needed at the specific time they’re required by the plant. There is no shortage of nutrients in our soils, they are locked into organic matter and mineral content – it is the soil microbiome that is depleted, and to achieve nutrient dense food we need a diversity of microbes, and the correct ratio of bacteria to fungi for what we are growing. This is key as these ratios change along the spectrum of succession – i.e. weeds grow in just bacteria and at the other end fungi dominates in forest soils. Pasture is 50/50. Roots can and do go down a very long way when the soil is properly populated (and not compacted by heavy machinery). All you need is a microscope to test how the life in the soil is doing – it is such a beautiful world under our feet ( it’s great when you see a tardigrade) this is accessible science and you don’t need to ID species etc as it’s all done on morphology. Keep up the good work – you are inspiring ! One day I’ll have a soil school and teach all this ;))

    1. Hi Mandi –
      The science you mention here is very close to my heart – everything is a fractal, and everything (that matters…) is a living ecosystem – the rules governing all these things are exactly the same! If you can garden, you can improve your gut health – and vice versa! Keep spreading the good word – ; )
      Shann Jones

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