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4 things you’re frequently exposed to that damage your microbiome

Like any natural ecosystem, your own internal ecosystem is vulnerable. It can be damaged by:

  1. antibiotics1
  2. sugar2
  3. stress3
  4. environmental toxins.4

When you take antibiotics, for example, it’s like pouring bleach into that thriving Amazon River. It not only (hopefully!) kills whatever bacteria is causing the infection, but wipes out loads of other bacteria as well. And they don’t grow back again – not properly. Not without help.

What happens is this: just as in nature, the empty space left over is filled. But it’s filled with weed bacteria. Opportunist types, who muscle in and spread like crazy. Needless to say, these bacteria are not the types you want to be running the show in there.

Think of it like an ecosystem – if all the jaguars in the rain forest are killed off, the deer population will go crazy. In your system, this can looks like bacterial overgrowth, Candida, thrush – you name it. But the main point is that it’s all microbiome damage.

In your joints, this feels like arthritis5. In your tummy, it feels like IBS.6 In your nervous system, this can show up as chronic fatigue.7 In the behavioral center of your brain, it feels like anxiety and depression.8 And on your skin, it can appear as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne.9

But these are all symptomatic leaves of the same tree.

And the trunk of the tree – is in your gut.

Heal the gut, and you’ll find that these other symptoms improve as well.

It really IS that simple!

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