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Bounce back in the New Year 

Happy New Year! Our focus this January is resilience. Resilience is about bouncing back from the day-to day stresses that life throws at you. It’s like wearing a protective shield that allows you to advance despite adversity.

Resilience is all about connection. Your prefrontal cortex is the area of your brain that deals with abstract, creative, and strategic thinking; it’s your “logical brain.”

Your limbic system deals with emotional response, fear, and stress. It comprises key pieces of brain anatomy like the amygdala and the hypothalamus, both seen in the infographic.

Our gut-health protocol offers everything you need to keep your gut microbiome healthy. Boosting your internal ecosystem works to harmonise your emotional and your logical brain, putting a spring in your step and enhancing your ability to bounce back even further.

Bounce back in 2023!

Dr Miguel & The Goats

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