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Caring for your Kefir

Chuckling Goat Probiotic Kefir is not like ordinary milk and not even like most shop-bought kefir!

Here’s how to properly keep and consume your CG Kefir:

How long will my Kefir last, once opened?

Your Kefir will arrive with a minimum shelf life of 45 days. There is a “best before date” printed on the side of the bottle and this applies to opened or unopened bottles.

Where should I store my Kefir?

Simply store the bottles in a cool, dry place or in the fridge.

Your Kefir will continue to ferment in the bottle, becoming stronger in taste and potency over time. The warmer the storage temperature, the more rapidly it will continue to ferment. Storing it in cooler temperatures will slow down this process.

How should I open my Kefir?

Your Kefir is a bit like champagne – explosively strong!

When opening, take extreme care and point away from the eyes. We suggest that you wash the bottle first and put it in a bowl to reclaim any overspill. Ease the cap open very gradually, allowing gas to escape and kefir to run down the side. You can then store the overspill in a jug in the fridge.

Watch the opening video here.

When is the best time to drink it?

We usually recommend taking the Kefir first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, and leaving around 15-20 minutes before eating solid foods. This gives the Kefir a chance to coat the inside of the intestine and adhere, giving the living bacteria within it the best chance to colonise.

That being said, it can be taken at any time of day that suits you and your routine (try to take around 15-20 minutes before meal times). We suggest avoiding taking it too close to bedtime as it can give you an energy boost!

Why does my Kefir have clear liquid at the top?

This is completely normal – over time the milk proteins naturally clump together forming curds and whey – simply invert the bottle a few times to recombine the contents and the colour will return to white (remember to be careful on opening!).

Can I drink Kefir past the best-before date?

We don’t recommend drinking the Kefir after the best-before date shown on the bottle. We test each batch of Kefir for up to 90 days (from manufacture), so we can only guarantee the safety and quality of the product up to that point (the date on the bottle). It would be a personal choice if you wish to drink it beyond this date.

Can I freeze my Kefir?

Freezing will not extend the shelf life and can cause the milk to separate. Once thawed, the texture will change considerably from fresh Kefir. For this reason, we don’t recommend freezing.

Will the bacteria survive stomach acid/digestion?

Yes! Chuckling Goat Probiotic Kefir contains non-transient bacteria that survive the digestive process and permanently re-populate the gut.

Why does Kefir taste sour?

We leave our Kefir unflavoured so that sweeteners don’t harm the good bugs – as a result, its natural taste is tart and tangy, like fizzy feta. What you’re tasting there is natural butyric acid – a powerful anti-inflammatory!

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