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CG’s NEW Microbiome Test: after-care & what to expect from your consultation

You’ve taken the first step on your gut-health journey – you’ve completed a sample and posted your test kit to the lab. So what are the next steps?

We’ll let you know as soon as your results are ready. You can then visit our online interactive platform to view and track your results. At this point, you may have questions about what the results say about your gut health and how they relate to your symptoms.

Clients often ask, “What changes can I make to improve my gut microbiome?” and, “My test shows that a pathogen is present in my gut – how do I get rid of it?” This is where our highly trained nutritional therapists come in!

We offer a free 30-minute telephone consultation as part of the test package. You’ll have the chance to discuss your health issues, past and present, and any symptoms you’re currently dealing with. Your nutritional therapist will give you an overview of the gut microbiome to put your results into context. They’ll then take you through the test, answering any questions you have about your results or gut health in general.

We recommend reading El’s article, What information can you expect from CG’s NEW Microbiome Test? for a breakdown of each section of the test, taking you through the terminology and the reasons we test each area.

At the end of the consultation, we’ll summarise your results and outline our recommendations. There’s no need to take notes, as your action plan will be uploaded to your results page after your consultation. Clients find this hugely valuable as it gives them a step-by-step plan:-

  • Evidence-based suggestions on specific dietary recommendations to improve your gut health.
  • Gut-health products to bring your microbiome back into balance.
  • Anti-microbial herbs to address pathogenic bacteria (if required).
  • If you’re dealing with skin issues, we’ll guide you to the most appropriate probiotic skincare, herbal teas and essential oils to help alleviate symptoms as we work on the root causes.

Here are a few testimonials from clients who’ve had a nutritional consultation appointment following their microbiome test –

Today’s consultation was so good. It was wonderful to be talking to someone who was absolutely aligned to how I am feeling, and I have renewed confidence that I shall get better. As I mentioned I feel that the Doctors I have seen have focused on their areas of expertise and on the symptoms I present, rather than the cause of it all. I have always felt that all my symptoms are related. Thanks again. I have order a few things on line: kefir, prebiotics and ashwagandha and we will see how it goes. Thanks again.

The fact I can talk to a consultant is such a blessing – the report is extremely detailed, but the consultants have so much more detail and can see the overview in a way I cannot. My nutritional therapist was extremely helpful yesterday and I have already put some things into action today and am acting on her advice to improve my ability to improve my health through fibre.

I found the consultation to be incredibly informative. I was really grateful for all the advice and assistance, and also for how at ease she made me feel during the consultation. I am looking forward to starting my journey for a healthier gut.

Beyond the consultation, we encourage you to track your progress and input your daily health habits on our interactive platform. The process of natural healing is slow and takes time! You’ll need to be patient and track small improvements closely to get a metric of your progress and see how you are progressing. We’ve created a tracker for you to do this inside the platform, and every time you track your progress, you’ll also earn ‘goat coins’ that give you additional discounts to use on the website.

Our help and guidance don’t end there: you will have lifetime access to our membership platform and lifetime support from our team of gut health experts.

If you are interested in embarking on your own gut-health journey, you may like to read the article, Is our NEW Microbiome Test right for you?

Any questions? Contact one of our nutritional therapists via live chat on weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm.

Questions? Talk to a Nutritional Therapist on live chat!

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