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Feeling low? Mood-boosting tips here!

Are you suffering from the summertime blues?

You may be feeling the pressure to get outdoors, enjoy the weather, jet off on holiday, or enjoy time with children/grandchildren while they’re off school. However, for some, it’s not as easy as that. School holidays bring challenges of their own, the weather feels more autumnal than summery and you might be feeling stuck in a rut.

Here are some ways to naturally boost your mood – FOR FREE!

Check out more mood-boosting, self-care tips from the CG Team…

“I get outside! Fresh air and a walk in nature and I’m good as new.” Claire – nutritional therapist

“A walk with friends, and a good cuppa and a biscuit!” Emily – office assistant

“A long walk on the beach listening to the sea – without the kids so I can actually listen to the waves crashing ;)” Ceris – Director of Customer Relations

“A hot bubble bath and a book – or a run or HIIT workout!” Laura – nutritional therapist

“I like to bake flapjacks and watch a funny or uplifting film.” Saskia – nutritional therapist

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This 5-minute exercise will boost your mood for free!

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