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Give your skin some TLC this autumn

Are you looking for an all-natural, nourishing skin treatment as we head into colder months?

Give your skin the care it needs with our Super Sensitive Skin Balm, designed to soothe and nurture delicate, painful, itchy skin.

The balm is made by hand on the farm – first, we simmer the herbs (plantain, comfrey, chamomile, yarrow, chickweed, and nettle) in sunflower oil until the oil is infused with all their natural healing goodness. The oil is then gently mixed with beeswax to produce a moisturising balm. Each of the herbs has their own special properties which are beneficial for the skin –

Three ways to add Super Sensitive Skin Balm to your skincare routine –

  1. For your face and body as an all-over nighttime moisturiser for dry, itchy, flaky skin.
  2. Add a little of the balm to your Kefir Lotions to boost their moisturising power.
  3. As a skin barrier for swimming – apply liberally to the delicate and sensitive skin on your face (I swim daily in a chlorinated pool and find it works brilliantly to protect from dryness and irritation).

Our Super Sensitive Skin Balm is all-natural, handmade, and free from any artificial chemicals, perfumes, dyes, phthalates, petrochemicals, or parabens. Suitable for children aged 3+.

You can find it here – https://www.chucklinggoat.co.uk/product/super-sensitive-skin-balm/

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Any questions? Contact one of our Nutritional Therapists via live chat, weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm.


Questions? Talk to a Nutritional Therapist on live chat!

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