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Drink Goats Milk Kefir

Habit #1 – Drink Goats Milk Kefir

Drink 170 ml of goats milk kefir, first thing in the morning, before food.

A daily dose of kefir will begin to fully reboot your microbiome. As your skin is just a map of your gut, healing the gut is the first step towards resolving your skin condition.

Conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne are not just skin conditions; they are all autoimmune conditions, that stem from the gut. That means that creams alone will never clear the skin condition – you must heal the gut in order to heal the skin. Drinking kefir is the fastest and most effective way to accomplish this.

Healthy skin is a space grab. It’s a matter of keeping the population of good bugs in your gut and skin biomes high and taking up the space, so the bad bugs can’t get a toe-hold. Like planting green manure to prevent weeds coming in, you are preemptively seeding your gut with good flora, so the pathogens are crowded out. Kefir will effectively introduce these powerful good bacteria into your system, where they will take over space from the pathogens that are breeding there at the moment.

Try to source kefir that is unflavoured, (sugar and fruit flavourings will degrade the power of the probiotics) made with real kefir grains and goats milk. I recommend that you drink 170 ml of goats milk kefir first thing in the morning, before food, to give all those good bugs the clearest possible run at your gut, without food getting in the way.

Kefir is – shall we say politely – an acquired taste. It’s extremely tart and fizzy. On the farm we always say that if it doesn’t stand the hair up on the back of your neck, it’s not doing its job!

If you need help to make it more palatable, you can blend it with the fruit of your choice, and sweeten with stevia to taste. Do not sweeten kefir with honey, as the natural antibiotics in honey will kill the good probiotics in the kefir.

If you blend your kefir with fruit, please consume it immediately. Do not let it sit overnight, as the fructose will degrade the power of the probiotics over time.

Chuckling Goat’s ready made kefir can be ordered directly from the farm and shipped to your door.

Kefir Pina Colada

170 ml (6 oz) of kefir
1 banana
15 g (1 tbsp) coconut oil
¼ tsp Stevia, added to taste. Start with a pinch, and work up gradually. Stevia is many times sweeter than sugar.

18 thoughts on “Drink Goats Milk Kefir

  1. Hi , are dates ok or are they still sugar so should I avoid them? Can I also have Carob? Also, as a vegetarian, can I eat quorn or just soy as I think I’m intolerant to it. Is it possible kefir will also help my irritable bladder as well as my IBS?

    1. Hi Lindsey,

      The sweetest fruits (ripe bananas, dates, figs, very sweet grapes) are up to 50% sugar – these are best eaten with a starch meal.

      Carob is a good alternative to chocolate, especially if your body has digestive or dietary issues – It has fewer calories, fat, and sugar.

      Quorn is a good source of protein – We don’t recommend un-fermented soy as it ‘interrupts’ thyroid and estrogen levels.

      Kefir specialises in gut, digestive and bowel issues so will be great for alleviating symptoms surrounding IBS. As a natural, probiotic drink, the kefir will re-populate the gut with the healthy balance of good bacteria it needs to function properly, so symptoms stemming from the gut, including cramping, bloating and uncomfortable bowel movements, will follow suit and alleviate 🙂

      Our kefir reduces inflammation around the body and strengthens the immune system, so helps alleviate symptoms surrounding bladder issues.

      Hope this helps!


  2. Considering milk kefir contains traces of alcohol up to 2% or so after second fermentation which is dependant on the lactose content of the milk, would you suggest serving milk kefir to children above 1 year old ? I’m in big dilemma.

    1. Hi Albert,

      Our kefir has a low alcohol content of 0.29ml per 100g. The lactose is all consumed during fermentation so the product is lactose free.

      Kefir is great for people of all ages! We’d suggest starting your little one on a very low dosage, gradually increasing.

      Feel free to give us a call on 01239 654072 if you’d like to chat more.

      Best wishes,

  3. Hi Shann, I’m 7 weeks into taking your kefir daily to help my IBS. I have had diarrohea and a very churning tummy for the past 9 days. Could this be connected to the kefir? Possibly coincidentally I started taking collagen tablets as suggested around two weeks ago. I’ve been vegetarian for many years so this was a significant decision. I’m wondering if the introducing of marine animal product could also be destabilising my gut. Any thoughts or other people’s similar experiences appreciated.

    1. Hi Hayley – Around the end of the second course is a classic time to experience a late detox – this generally means that your condition is relatively severe and long-standing. Less severe issues generally detox around day 3-5. I would reduce the amount of kefir that you’re taking down to 1 TBSP until things calm down. You might also reduce the collagen amount. Then slowly work back up as your system adjusts. If you need a chat feel free to ring 01239 654 0782 – Best, Shann

  4. Can you still take probiotic supplements whilst drinking kefir?
    I’m currently taking acidophilus!

    1. Hi Natasha – There’s no need to take any other probiotic while taking kefir – it renders everything else irrelevant! Best, Shann

  5. Hi
    Myself and 4 other members of my family all suffered from regular and sometimes debilitating heartburn and acid reflux and its knock on effects. To cut a long story short after being introduced to Kefir yogurt drink we ALL now have relief from this horrible condition. Miracle???? it certainly feels like it, as nothing else worked except the usual prescription meds. Can you explain exactly how Kefir stops the acid reflux, I understand the good bacteria etc etc but what is it doing to stop this problem, and not just in one of us but all of us and very quickly after first taking it. Would be very grateful for a n explnation. Many thanks Kay and family

    1. Hi Kay – Fantastic to hear that kefir has helped your whole family with acid reflux! Why does it work so well? Long story short, kefir puts the good bugs back in your gut microbiome, which enable you to digest your food properly, as well as lowering inflammation levels throughout the body. More info here: Best, Shann

  6. Hi Shann. I suffer with psoriasis on the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet. I have just started my second course of your kefir and am on my second bottle. I am also using the Kefir Breakout lotion which I apply twice daily. I am still currently having to use my steroid cream in order to control my psoriasis, which I am hoping will not be the case eventually. I am trying to eliminate sugar, etc., and am trying to find a substitute for my glass of wine which I enjoy. I was thinking of diet coke, but I know this has artificial sweeteners in which are not Stevia. Would this be ok to drink? Also any ideas of how long before I see any improvement in my psoriasis? Many thanks, Julie

    1. Hi Julie – If you have a look on our FB page today, you’ll see an amazing pic of a customer who got great results with palmar psoriasis in just two months. Can’t guarantee your results will be that fast, but it has happened! Absolute NO diet coke – it’s lethal. If you want alcohol, try sparkling water with clear spirits (gin or vodka) fresh lemon and a bit of 100% pure stevia. Good luck and keep us posted!x

  7. Hi Shann,
    My first order of kefir has arrived. Can I use it to make my porridge or will cooking harm it?

      1. Thank you I’m enjoying the blended oats smoothie’s.
        Still struggling with cutting out the baddies from my diet but getting there, am halfway through my first course and already feel so much better and my skin isn’t as oily.
        Thank you Shann & Team

  8. Hi Shann, I’m off to France on holiday. Is there something I can take as a supplement instead of drinking kefir while I’m away? Many thanks, Sally

    1. Hi Sally – I’m not aware of any good substitutes, sorry! Just enjoy your trip and get straight back onto the kefir as soon as you get back – x

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