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June on the farm

Between haymaking, birthdays and farmhouse kitchen renovations, it’s been busy here at HQ. Let’s catch up!

We made the most of the heatwave in early June and spent long, hot evenings bringing in this season’s hay. Co-Director, Rich, loves his vintage Fordson tractors, which make small “human-size” bales, that can be lifted by one person – perfect for our team of Kefir-drinking helpers! 💪 It’s all stacked and stored safely away from the rain…which seems to be very persistent this past week…what happened to summer?!

Amidst the hard graft of haymaking, we celebrated birthdays – at local restaurants, since the farmhouse kitchen is undergoing major renovations! Rich has been working on a beautiful piece for the new kitchen, fitting a grandfather clock into the centre of an old Welsh dresser. We’re excited to see it taking pride of place soon! And speaking of soon, once the dust has settled, and there’s an actual kitchen sink, we’ll be looking forward to our first Friday tea party in over two months. My daughter, Isabella, grandchild no.2, is patiently waiting her turn to help Gu Gu bake cupcakes with pink frosting. And I’m patiently waiting to eat them 😉

We’ve worked hard, enjoyed birthdays, eaten at local restaurants and found moments of calm watching the sunsets.

Here’s our June in photos…

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