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Kefir – what’s it all about?

You may have heard a lot of talk recently about “kefir.”

But what is kefir, and why is it getting so much attention in the media these days? 

Kefir is a probiotic fermented milk drink, ideally made from goat’s milk. It’s a bit like drinking yogurt, but much stronger and more beneficial for you. 

What’s a probiotic? 

A probiotic contains live bacteria that are beneficial for your gut microbiome.1 Over time, exposure to stress, sugar, medications and chemicals can deplete the trillions of living bacteria inside your large intestine. Kefir puts the good “gut bugs” back into your gut microbiome, restoring it to healthy diversity.2

Why does it matter? 

Your gut microbiome is incredibly important, as it helps regulate the health of your brain, heart, digestive system and joints. 70% of your immune system also sits inside your gut, so a healthy gut will help you to fight off infectious colds and viruses.3

What’s so great about kefir? 

Unlike manufactured probiotics, kefir contains a natural synergy of many different strains of bacteria, all working together to boost the good bugs and suppress the pathogens inside your system. Because it’s all-natural and chemical-free, kefir is the best way to improve the living ecosystem inside your gut.  

What’s the best place to get kefir? 

Chuckling Goat is the UK’s number one provider of kefir, rated 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot, with over 5,000 reviews. Our kefir is laboratory-tested every day. We also provide microbiome testing and evidence-based information to our clients. Kefir, as well as everything else needed to improve your gut health, can be shipped directly to your door, with fast and free delivery.

What do Chuckling Goat customers say? 

Yvonne Pinto gave this 5-star Trustpilot review of Chuckling Goat:

There are kefirs and then there is Chuckling Goat. This is the best of the lot and it is underpinned by science. The company is thoughtful, environmentally conscious and cares about their customers. Everyone that I have spoken to who has tried it, thinks so too!4

What’s the difference between kefir and yogurt? 

Kefir contains “non-transient” bacteria, which have been shown to survive the digestive tract to have a positive effect on your gut health. The bacteria in yogurt is “transient,” which means that it gets killed off during the digestive process, and doesn’t survive long enough to do any real good inside your system.5

Where’s the proof? 

Dr Michael Mosley in his BBC2 television show Trust Me I’m A Doctor, performed NHS studies proving that kefir is the most effective of all probiotic foods available today, and does the most to improve your gut health.6

What kind of kefir is best? 

Dr Mosley also demonstrated that the best kefir is: 

  1. Traditionally made, with real kefir grains7
  2. Live and unpasteurised 
  3. Pure, unflavoured and unsweetened. Sugar and sweeteners kill off the good bugs, and do your gut more harm than good. 

Why is goats milk better than cow’s milk for kefir? 

Cow’s milk is allergenic because it contains the A1 casein, which causes an allergic response in many adults. Goats milk contains the A2 casein, and so is considered non-allergenic and easily tolerated by most people.8

What are the benefits of kefir? 

Chuckling Goat kefir can help you in the following ways, by contributing to the:9

  • normal function of the immune system
  • maintenance of normal skin
  • maintenance of normal vision
  • reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • normal functioning of the nervous system
  • normal psychological function
  • normal muscle function
  • normal function of digestive enzymes
  • maintenance of normal bones
  • maintenance of normal teeth
  • normal iron metabolism

Can kefir help protect you from viruses?

New science published in the Journal of Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, January 2021, demonstrates that kefir can suppress viral activity by modulating immune-system responses and/or causing disruption of viral adhesion. The study authors state: “Using kefir (and its byproducts) as an inhibitor of expression of proinflammatory cytokines in COVID-19 patients could be a viable policy.”10

What if I have more questions? 

Chuckling Goat has a team of trained Nutritional Therapists standing by to answer all your questions and offer free personalised gut health advice, 8 am to 8 pm weekdays. Join us on live chat at www.chucklinggoat.co.uk

Questions? Talk to a Nutritional Therapist on live chat!

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