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Magic Garden Diaries: Greedily guzzling strawberries…

Still, still, still, everything seems hovering on the edge of exploding into colour…but the recent warm weather has finally tickled a few roses into bloom. This is my new ABSOLUTE favourite of any rose EVER, check out this colour! It’s called “Timeless Purple.” Next to it is salvia “Wine and Roses,” which we underplant with the roses, to keep rust and black spot at bay. I’m turning into a bit of a salvia junkie, I think. Salvias are drought tolerant, smell divine, and bloom until November, in all different colours…what’s not to love?

And the first sweet pea has finally popped! 

The alliums are bobbling along like some weird outer-space creatures…

First red strawberry – I must admit that I had a guilty little private strawberry feast, three berries in a row, this morning. Felt a bit greedy, guzzling them all to myself, but hey, gardener’s perks! All those early morning watering sessions must earn me something… 

And yippee, finally some success with my beetroot! I had three different varieties (Chioggia, Burpees Golden and Boltardy) growing in one of the domes and harvested them all to make space for the melons, cukes and peppers I’ve got in there now. Look how gorgeous they look, sprinkled with olive oil, sea salt, pepper and some fresh rosemary, ready to roast for 35 minutes into sweet crunchy deliciousness. Even Rich liked them!

Seems like I’ve been doing nothing lately but watering, watering and more watering. It’s been dry for ages… lovely and warm, but it does worry me, is this the early stages of another drought summer? 

Wishing you gorgeous warm evenings with fresh mint in your G&T! 

Hugs from the garden,


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