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Magic Garden Diaries: So THAT’S what stevia looks like, who knew?

Jun 29 2023 

Hurray, the recent rain has FINALLY done something wonderful for the wildflower meadow, and it has come alive! Red poppies, purple corncockles and blue cornflowers – makes me want to roll around out there like a puppy. SO relieved that it’s not just a muddy mess after all!

The wishing grove is finally perking up as well – the idea here is that the grandkids drop a penny in the bird bath at the lady’s feet, then tie an antique brass key to a branch inside the grove on their birthday, and make a birthday wish. I let each grandchild (and adults, as it happened, since they refused to be left out) choose their own wishing keys from a whole beautiful bunch that I got online – everyone fell so in love with their keys that I’m not sure I can convince them to tie them to a tree when the time comes, but we’ll see…

The beans have finally got their act together and are dutifully twining up their supports…

and the cucumbers are doing the same, inside the domes – we’ve just harvested our first few cukes, and they are delicious – we eat them small, just around the length of my palm. Yummy! 

Here’s a peek inside my secret Bwythyn Bach where I go to sulk when the day hasn’t gone my way. Every woman needs her own shed! Rich can sometimes lure me out with a carefully placed G&T, but even he has to watch his step when both top and bottom bits of the stable door are shut, indicating NO ENTRANCE.

And here’s an interesting one for any Friend of the Goats who’s taken our advice and given up sugar – do you recognise these lovely plants? 

That’s right, this is STEVIA in its plant form! I’ve never actually grown it before, but it seems to be very happy in the mini-dome. The leaves are actually super sweet – one picked along with some lemon verbena, with hot water poured over, makes a gorgeous cup of garden tea. 

Wishing you walls of wildflowers and heaping healthy brews…

Hugs from the garden, 


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