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March/April on the farm

Kidding/lambing season has been in full swing! Rich, his right-hand man Dan, and the barn staff have welcomed new Sannen and British Alpine kids and, what seems like, a whole flock of Torwen and Texel lambs.

Between The Goat Barn at HQ and the lambing shed at North Fawr (our 2nd little farm, five minutes down the road), there has been non-stop tending to expecting Mamas and fluffy newcomers. In fact, we even installed CCTV into the lambing shed so that Rich and Dan could check in on their flock remotely, with a click of a button – which they did – A LOT – even during supposed “weekends off”.

The busyness of this season has meant there’s not been time for much else…besides CAKE. Shann, Ana and the grandkids have kept up their Friday afternoon tradition of baking treats for our Friday Tea Parties. By 4.30pm, the farmhouse table is set with Emma Bridgewater teacups and plates, bouquets of flowers from the garden and Big Betty the teapot. It’s one of my favourite moments of the whole week. Aside from the cookies and cupcakes being absolutely delicious, it’s a time for us to sit, catch up and laugh over cups of hot tea. Yes, HOT tea – bliss for a busy Mummy!

We’re still hoping for brighter, less wet and windy weather, but for now, you’ll find us with a slice of cake by the fire, or taking care of our new barn babies 🐐🐑 Here’s our March/April in photos…

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