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Prep Tips From The Farm

Busy week ahead? Here are our top five prep tips, to help you get organised, achieve your goals and stay stress-free this upcoming week 🤓

  1. Plan some time to relax, de-stress and enjoy self-care, especially if you have a busy week ahead of you. Make it official and book it on the calendar, so that when you’re asked if you’re free, you can say in all honesty that you have a prior commitment.
  2. Lunch and snack prep. Make tomorrow’s food, today. If you go to work or start your day without healthy food made or in mind, you’re more likely to nip to the nearest shop and grab something that’s not-so-good for your gut bugs! Studies have found that people who plan their meals are more likely to have better adherence to nutritional guidelines and an increased food variety1 – it’s aaaall about variety for your gut bugs! Further research backs up the pros of meal-prepping; one study finds that individuals who used food planning strategies ate healthier diets compared to those who purchased and prepared foods “on impulse”.2

    So, think mixed nuts, seeds, fruit and crudités with hummus for snacks, super fibrous buddha bowls for lunch – YUM! You can find more healthy snack and lunch inspiration here:

    Chocolate + Orange Prebiotic Energy Balls

    Veg-packed crustless quiche

    Gut Health Super Salad

    Summer Smoothie Bowl

    Creamy Prebiotic Soup

  3. Get the morning essentials out tonight. Everything you need to make breakfast, your uniform/clothes for the day, packed lunch boxed and ready to go, keys on the counter. Monday morning never felt so good…and organised!
  4. Don’t forget to drink your Kefir!

    Your energy levels are regulated by the trillions of live bacteria in your gut microbiome. In fact, in 2016, researchers linked gut bacteria to chronic fatigue.3 Kefir will not only lower levels of inflammation around the body and boost the immune system4, but also reduce tiredness and fatigue5 by re-populating the gut with the healthy balance of good bacteria it needs to function properly.
  5. And finally, a good cuppa tea! Chuckling Goat’s Get Me Through The Day Tea contains rosemary leaf, vervain leaf, peppermint leaf and mugwort leaf, each with its own natural health benefit. Enjoy an uplifting, mood-boosting, caffeine-free mug first thing in the morning, to set you up for the day!

Have a happy, gut-healthy week! xox


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