Gut Cleanse Tea


Sometimes on your kefir journey, things can sloooooow down inside your digestive system. The combo of dandelion root, burdock root and yellow dock root means that tea does what it says on the tin! From Shann’s private collection.

  • Ingredients: Dandelion root, Burdock root and Yellow dock root
  • Weight: 160 grams
  • Supply: 21 days @ 1 tbsp per day
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When you think dandelion and burdock, you may think of the well-known sugary drink. But before it was a soda, this combo was an old-fashioned traditional remedy – and now you know why!

Make this tea part of your soothing natural wellness routine. Take a moment for yourself – you deserve it!

Read about why you should choose loose-leaf tea here.

Always follow your GP’s advice on the use of any herbal product during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

A great natural option to boost your gut-healing process

Our Gut Cleanse Tea contains natural medicinal herbs dandelion root, burdock root and yellow dock root.

Dandelion root is antimicrobial and has been shown effective against certain strains of bacteria that are responsible for staph infections and food-borne illness. Read the science here:

Burdock root has active ingredients that have been found to detoxify heavy metals from the blood, improving organ health and the health of the whole body.  Read the science here:

Yellow dock root has proven antioxidant properties, leading to its long-standing use in traditional medicine to combat gastrointestinal infections. Read the science here:

Like any cleanse, our Gut Cleanse Tea should be taken for a limited period of treatment, as cleanses may deplete the system over time.

Developed to help you through your kefir journey

A handy tool to help you along the way, as you take your kefir journey. Designed to complement your kefir.

Hand packed and prepared

All our tea recipes were formulated by Shann and are packed by hand, with love by the team in the still room. They send their best regards!

How to prepare your tea

Cover 1 TBSP herbs with 3 cups of freshly boiled water, lid and steep for 15 minutes. Strain and drink 1 cup, 3 times daily. Tea can be reheated by adding more hot water.

Purest possible ingredients

This is not the tea that you know – dusty old particles hidden away in tea bags. This is the real deal – natural, vibrant, potent. Grab a handful!

Dandelion root, Burdock root and Yellow dock root

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