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Summer Iced Tea Lollies

Looking for an easy and versatile summer treat? Homemade iced tea lollies are a favourite in our household.

My kids love choosing different cut-up fruit and herbs to add to their lolly. You can also freeze in ice cube trays to add a flavour pop to sparkling water, kombucha or summer drink of your choice!


2 TBSP CG Tea of choice (I personally enjoy our Tummy Tea and Get Me Through The Day Tea but any will work – we wouldn’t recommend the Gut Cleanse Tea for this recipe)

750ml water

Stevia or honey to taste

Optional tea enhancers: berries, chunks of fruit or herbs of choice 

Ice lolly moulds or ice cube trays


Cover 2 TBSP of your chosen CG Tea with 750ml of freshly boiled water. Leave to steep for 15 minutes, brewing the tea twice as strong as you normally would.

Sweeten to taste with stevia or honey. Add in any desired tea enhancers – berries, lavender and lemon balm are yummy and look beautiful! Once the tea is about room temperature, pour it into ice lolly moulds (I like these moulds). Pop in the freezer, allowing them to freeze completely.

To remove the ice lollies from their moulds, run under warm water until they loosen and are easy to pull free.


Are your kids getting bored of their Kefir smoothies? Or are you just starting to work Kefir into their routine? Try any of our smoothie recipes and freeze into lollies!

Let us know what you think, and check out more delicious recipes here.

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