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Which kefir is best?

As people learn about the importance of kefir for improving gut health, there are more kefir choices out there.

But which kefir is best for you and your family?

We always think the best people to ask, are customers who have actually tried the kefir.

Here’s a comparison of the Trustpilot reviews for kefir companies in the UK, with links so that you can check the results for yourself, and read what other consumers have to say!

RatingScore# Reviews
Chuckling GoatExcellent4.94160
Nourish KefirAverage3.21
Yeo ValleyAverage2.94
Arla Foods UKPoor2.57
King Of Kefirunreviewed0

Chuckling Goat –
Nourish Kefir –
Yeo Valley –
Arla Foods UK –

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