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Prebiotics: trick or truth!

The importance of good gut health is more evident than ever and you may hear the word ‘prebiotics‘ thrown around a lot. But with this increased interest in all things gut-health related, how can you tell the tricks from the truths?

Let us take away the confusion and debunk the common misunderstandings about prebiotics, how they work and their benefits…

Trick: prebiotic-rich foods are enough – I don’t need a supplement

Truth: your gut bugs require a wide range of prebiotics – some are difficult to source, buy and cook

Some of your prebiotic fibre can be sourced through commonly available food items like wholegrain breakfast cereals, wholewheat pasta, wholegrain bread and oats, barley and rye, fruit such as berries, pears, melon and oranges, vegetables such as broccoli, carrots and sweetcorn, peas, beans and pulses, nuts and seeds, and potatoes with skin.

However, some of the beneficial fibres you need are found in more exotic items like tamarind seed or cassava root – which can be lacking in the average British diet. These foods can be tough to source, buy and cook. That’s why we’ve combined all possible natural sources of these fibres (18 in all) into our Complete Prebiotic powder, to make it easier to get the essential diversity of prebiotic fibre you need into your diet.

Trick: I take probiotics – I don’t need prebiotics too

Truth: probiotics + prebiotics create a synergy that is exponentially powerful!

If you’ve been replenishing your good gut bugs with probiotics – great! But it’s also important to feed those probiotics with prebiotics.

Prebiotics are a form of dietary fibre, and for your good gut bugs, it’s all about fibre! But, unfortunately, most British adults are failing to reach the recommended fibre intake of 30g daily – we are essentially starving our beneficial gut bacteria of the food they need to grow and thrive! Increasing fibre, and therefore prebiotic, intake is a critical step toward good gut health. Chuckling Goat Complete Prebiotic is designed to feed your gut bugs the exact complex fibres they need.

Together, Probiotic Kefir and Complete Prebiotic create a synergy that is exponentially powerful, chemical-free and contained in its own food matrix. You can read more about synbiotics (probiotics + prebiotics) here.

Trick: prebiotics are only for people with digestive issues

Truth: prebiotics can improve ALL areas of health & wellness

Prebiotics do indeed improve digestion, but also:

Want to know more about prebiotics and how they can help you? Check out co-director, Shann’s, post here.

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