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Should you consider an under-desk walking pad? Here’s what you need to know!

Suddenly, it’s 5 pm and you check your watch to find you’re way below your steps goal for the day. If you look out the window and see that it’s dark and rainy, it makes it that much tougher to do your exercise for the day!

Experiences like this led me to order one of the well-hyped walking pads that are trending at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, when given the choice, a walk in nature will always trump a treadmill! But if you’re like me, a quick lunchtime walk just won’t cut it, when you’re spending most of the work day sitting at a desk.

How does it work?

Walking pads are straightforward and easy to use. It is delivered to your door, and ready for use once it’s unpacked from the box. Simply roll it underneath your desk, plug it in and turn it on! Carefully step on your walking pad and select the speed you desire. Many go up to 10 km/h, but we recommend playing it safe and sticking to the 1-3 km range while working.

Do I need a standing desk?

While a standing desk would provide the perfect set-up for a walking pad, you might find committing to both a standing desk and a walking pad a bit daunting or not financially feasible – and we hear you! After forking out for a walking pad, I decided a ‘makeshift’ standing desk would do. You can find a “bed tray” online for about £10 and pop it on top of your regular desk. There are also “standing desk converters”, however, these are a bit pricier at the £100+ mark.

What are the benefits?

Are under-desk walking pads worth it?

In my opinion – absolutely! After 2 weeks of using my walking pad, I feel it is one of the best investments I have made. I leave work each evening with my “standing desk” and walking pad set up and ready to go for the next morning so that no early morning motivation or thinking is required. By just leaving it on the lowest speed I find I have 10,000 steps done before 11 am! I feel really productive from first thing in the morning when I’m using the walking pad and have stopped feeling that internal “pressure” of trying to be more active. The main benefit that I hadn’t even considered when purchasing, is the huge mood boost I have felt each morning after a few minutes of walking – and you can’t put a price on good mood!

If it fits within your budget, walking pads are definitely worth the investment! A walking pad is a great start if you’re looking to make your day less sedentary. Let us know what you think!

I found my walking pad here – Treadmill Walking Machine – but a quick Google search will show you a range of options and price ranges.

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Questions? Talk to a Nutritional Therapist on live chat!

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