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Signs your synbiotics are working!

Have you made the decision to improve your gut health by taking synbiotics (probiotics + prebiotics)? Great! But how do you know if they’re working?

The prebiotics in synbiotics provide nourishment for the probiotics, allowing them to thrive and colonise the gut, while the probiotics help to regulate the gut microbiome and support the immune system. This all equals a happy, healthy YOU.

When you take high-quality synbiotics, such as Probiotic Kefir + Complete Prebiotic, you may notice several positive changes in your body, ranging from improved digestion and increased energy, to better mood and clearer skin.

Let’s explore some of these positive effects in more detail…

Improved mood

Your brain and your gut communicate directly with each other through something called the gut-brain axis, or GBA. Because of the GBA, improving your gut health has been shown to be one of the most efficient ways to improve mental wellness.1

Supporting a balanced, diverse gut with synbiotics can have a positive effect on your mood2 – you may experience reduced symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress, and improved memory and cognitive function.3

More energy

Your energy levels are regulated by the trillions of live bacteria in your gut microbiome.4,be%20used%20by%20the%20body. Dysbiosis, or imbalance, in the gut can lead to inflammation of your gut lining.5 This inflammation can prevent the proper absorption of nutrients and macronutrients that give you energy. It can also cause the gut lining to become more permeable, allowing larger food particules and pathogens to enter the bloodstream and trigger an immune response. This immune response will leave you feeling fatigued.

When you improve your gut health and maintain a healthy gut lining with synbiotics, you’re boosting your energy levels too! You may find you’re less physically tired, have more mental energy and/or sleeping better.

You can find our top product recommendations for naturally boosting energy levels here.

Better digestion

Your gut bugs play a critical role in how well you digest your food. If your microbiome is in a state of dysbiosis, you may be experiencing symptoms such as cramps, constipation, gas and bloating. Synbiotics promote proper digestion and have been shown to improve digestive health, including symptoms of IBS and IBD.6

Some of the first positive effects you may notice are reduced tummy discomfort, more comfortable bowel movements and less bloating.

Improved immunity

Scientists have linked disturbances in the gut microbiome with a weakened immune system that can leave you more vulnerable to catching coughs, colds and infections. Kefir has an immunomodulatory effect on the immune system, meaning that it increases the ability of the entire immune system to respond appropriately to threats or invasions.7 The prebiotics provide nourishment for the probiotics in the Kefir, allowing them to thrive and colonise the gut.

Improving your gut health is a safe and effective way to help boost your immune system. You may find you’re less prone to catching illnesses when taking high-quality synbiotics.

You can strengthen your immune system with these smoothie recipes.

Clearer skin

Signs of an unhappy gut can show on your skin, in fact, studies have linked gut dysbiosis to skin microbiome imbalances and conditions such as eczema8, psoriasis9 and acne.10

Research suggests that using probiotics both orally and topically can help prevent and treat these skin conditions,11 while prebiotics act as ‘fertiliser’, boosting the beneficial bacteria. So, as you’re working on improving your gut health, you may notice clearer, healthier skin too!

Why your synbiotics may be taking longer to work…

You may start reaping the benefits of Chuckling Goat synbiotics in as little as 3 weeks – clients that follow our protocol achieve amazing results, which is why we have a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot! If you haven’t seen such speedy improvements, don’t be disheartened. Depending on the length and severity of your gut dysbiosis, improving your gut health can be a slow and gradual process.

Biofilm-forming pathogens, like escherichia/shigella, pseudomonas, eggerthella and fusobacteria, can also cause slower gut health results.

We have a team of trained Nutritional Therapists who would be happy to give you personalised advice to get your results moving forward. This service is available from 8 am to 8 pm, via live chat on our website.


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