Subscription Information

What’s a subscription?
This is a a standing order that will arrive on your doorstep automatically, at a regular interval of your choice. This is how we look after our regular customers, and these orders are serviced next day, as a matter of priority. No more waiting in queues, or running out of your favourite Chuckling Goat products because you forgot to place an order!

Which products are right for me?
We are happy to advise and create a personalised subscription for you, containing the combination of our natural healing products that are just right for your unique health needs. Just give us a ring on 01239 654 072.

How often will it arrive?
It’s up to you! We can schedule your subscription order to arrive on your door step at an interval of your choice – anywhere from once a week, to once every six months.

What if I go out of town a lot?
It’s easy to place a subscription on hold, or change the dates that your next subscription is due to process. You can do this on your computer, or we’re happy to do it for you if you give us a ring.

What if I change my mind about what I want delivered?
Just give us a ring 3-4 days before your subscription is due to process. We can add or subtract products for you, or change the frequency/quantity of your order as you wish.

What if I want to cancel?
No problem – you can cancel your subscription anytime you like, with no fees or penalties.

How is the payment handled?
When you set up your subscription with us, we take your card details. Your payment will then be automatically processed inside the system, the day before your order is shipped. You are only charged for one order at a time.