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Gut dysbiosis: part 2 – signs, symptoms & links to disease

The strong connection between the gut microbiome and disease is becoming widely appreciated. As discussed in the previous post – Gut dysbiosis – part 1, an imbalance in the composition of the gut microbiome can occur for a number of reasons and cause a variety of health problems.

Let’s look now at the signs and symptoms of gut dysbiosis and the health conditions associated with it.

Signs and symptoms of gut dysbiosis

Gut dysbiosis can show up in different ways, in different parts of your body. On your skin, it may appear as eczema, rosacea, acne, or psoriasis. In your brain, it can feel like anxiety or depression. In your nervous system, it may manifest as fatigue; in your joints, as arthritis or in your airways, as asthma, allergies, or sinusitis. In your digestive system, it may show up as diarrhoea, constipation, IBS, pain, gas, bloating, or food intolerances.

Health conditions linked to gut dysbiosis:-

In the next post of our gut dysbiosis series, we’ll look at how to deal with dysbiosis by making changes to diet and lifestyle 🙂

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