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I’m a gut health expert – here’s why I take PREbiotics every day.

So, I’m guessing that you already understand all about probiotics – what they can do for you, and why they’re important for your health. 

But what about prebiotics? Do they really matter, if you’re already drinking kefir?

In a word – yes. And here’s why. 

Imagine that your gut is like a bustling city. Probiotics, or good bacteria, are like the various vehicles that keep the city functioning smoothly. These vehicles come in many forms—some are like delivery trucks that distribute essential nutrients, others are like police cars or fire trucks that keep harmful pathogens in check, and some are like garbage trucks that remove waste. Each vehicle has a crucial role in maintaining the health and efficiency of the city. 

Prebiotics, in this scenario, are the fuel for those vehicles. Different vehicles need different types of fuel – specifically designed to meet the unique energy requirements of each type of beneficial bacteria vehicle. Just as a diesel truck can’t run on petrol, different strains of beneficial bacteria thrive on different types of prebiotic compounds (fibres, oligosaccharides, and other non-digestible carbohydrates). 

No fuel for the fire truck? No fire truck. The city burns. 

So for this system to work effectively, the fuel stations (prebiotics) must be well-stocked and diverse. The diversity of prebiotics ensures that all beneficial bacteria have access to the specific fuel they need to perform their essential functions. But – who’s got time and energy to find, source, prepare and eat all the different foods that contain the 18 different types of fibre that you need? 

This is why we created the Complete Prebiotic. It’s a combination of all 18 different diverse types of fibre, to fuel all the various and diverse probiotics. One tablespoon in your daily gut health smoothie – job done. 

Fuel for all those vehicles to keep the city humming! 

This isn’t just a pretty concept, either. The science coming in proves the point. The most recent – and most exciting trial to date, done by Prof Andy Smith at Cardiff University, showed that the combination of Chuckling Goat Kefir and Chuckling Goat Complete Prebiotic has “profound effects on emotional health”.

The study reported that taking the kefir and prebiotic together created some amazing results. After just six weeks, participants reported a noticeable decrease in daytime sleepiness, an increased sense of immersion and engagement in their work, an uplift in overall life satisfaction and a heightened sense of flourishing. Read the study review by NutraIngredients Europe here.

These are pretty dramatic results from a simple dietary intervention, after only six weeks. Exciting stuff! But the big impact comes from having the kefir AND the prebiotic together. A car without fuel is going nowhere

To thrive – you need both! 


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