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How to manage your kid’s sugar rush this Easter

Are your kids looking forward to an Easter egg hunt this year – or more specifically, the chocolate? If, like us, you’re expecting your child’s sugar consumption to be higher than the norm this weekend, don’t stress!

Let them enjoy the extra treats; we’ve got tips to help you manage the sugar rush and support your kids in building a healthy relationship with all foods –

Start the day with a hearty breakfast

Ensure you’re offering a gut-healthy, nutrient-dense brekky to help your child feel full and satisfied, reducing the likelihood of sugar cravings early on. Consuming a nutritionally balanced breakfast will help manage blood sugar levels, meaning fewer dips in mood and energy.

Check out the following recipes for inspo:

Gut-healthy muesli

Banana Buckwheat Pancakes

Prebiotic Baked Oats Recipe

Up the healthy fats, fibre & protein in their snacks

Including sources of healthy fats, fibre and protein in your kid’s snacks will reduce the “glycaemic load” (the sugar rush to the blood stream)1https://bmcnutr.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/2055-0928-1-4#:~:text=Adding%20fat%20and%20protein%20to,GI%20%5B22%2C%2023%5D. and provide them with sustained energy.

Think a fruit and veggie-loaded smoothie with a dollop of nut butter, boiled egg and soldiers, crudites and hummus, nuts, seeds and fibre-rich bread. You can find more healthy snack ideas here.

Boost their gut health

Sugar damages the microbiome, throwing the inner ecosystem out of whack. This imbalance can lead to further sugar cravings. Boosting your child’s beneficial gut bacteria will help minimise sugar cravings2https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/08/140815192240.htm and restore the balance once they’re through all the chocolate! Take a synbiotic approach and supplement with Chuckling Goat Kefir and Complete Prebiotic for a happy, healthy tum3https://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/synbiotics-what-to-know#:~:text=The%20idea%20behind%20synbiotics%20is,as%20supplements%20or%20in%20foods. – and a happy, healthy kid!

Make it fun and include the Kefir and Complete Prebiotic in a smoothie – recipe here.

Rethink your Easter ‘treats’

Think outside the chocolate box (hehe!) and substitute some of the sugar for stickers, art supplies, favourite fruits, toy vehicles, small change/pocket money or card games. These kinds of ‘treats’ make for great wind-down activities later in the day too. Get creative with what you can fit into fillable eggs or hide in the garden – the kids will love the variety!

Let them see you enjoying treats too!

According to a 2019 study, heavily restricting or controlling a child’s eating habits may have counterproductive effects4https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29438685/. Instead, try encouraging a positive, healthy relationship with all food, including sugar! Enjoying the odd Easter yumminess alongside your kids will help model moderation and how to savour treats. We advocate the 80/20 rule here at CG – eat well for your gut-brain health 80% of the time, and have a little of something ‘naughty but nice’ 20% of the time.

Wondering which kind of chocolate is best for you and your gut health? Check out our blog post here.

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