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Why I love frogs and what I’m doing about it…

We have to teach the kids to love things on this planet, so that they will work to save them. Check out Shann’s new book 🐸…

Gut bacteria influence your cholesterol levels!

Discover how boosting your gut microbiome can improve your cholesterol levels. More HERE!

CG at Action Against Hunger!

Check out CG at Action Against Hunger – an organisation making a vital difference!

I’m a gut health expert – here’s what I eat in a day at 16 weeks pregnant

Gut health expert, El, shares her dietary tips for navigating pregnancy at 16 weeks 💛

Natural DIY cleaning spray to safeguard your home

Ditch the nasty household chemicals with this DIY NATURAL cleaning spray!

Everything you need to know about sugar!

Discover how to be sugar SAVVY, and if honey really is better…

CG at Queen’s Hospital Burton!

Be inspired by the charitable and physical achievements of the staff at Queen’s Hospital 🫶

Spring clean your home the natural way!

Embrace the new season and unleash the power of essential oils 🌷

Date & fig prebiotic energy balls

Delicious and packed with prebiotics – you NEED to try these!

CG for The Grand Appeal; Bristol’s Children’s Hospital Charity & Stepping Stones!

CG in YOUR community – here’s how we helped raise money for two very special charities…

8 tips for navigating Easter indulgence

Find your balance this Easter with these top tips 😋

Spring Equinox at CG HQ

What better way to start the season than with this cute goat video 😍 Check it out here –

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