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Struggling with hormonal issues? Your gut bacteria could be the answer!

Harness the power of your gut bacteria to manage hormonal challenges! Answers here 🔎

Our Random Acts of Kindness Campaign – Hannah’s Holiday Home Appeal

Check out this amazing charity offering memory-making holidays for children who need it most 💛

Hydrating electrolyte drink: the perfect summer refreshment

This refreshing electrolyte drink is the perfect companion for your summer activities! Recipe HERE…

Prebiotics: The secret to a healthier you!

Transform your health! 14 reasons you should start taking prebiotics TODAY…

Why you should play more – even as a grown-up!

Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, we stopped playing. Here’s why you should incorporate more play into your day, even as a grown-up!

The Goats get a Coat of Arms?! Eh?

Join Shann as she sets off on another adventure to London, this time, to design her own Coat of Arms!

Boost your immunity through urban gardening!

Overcome the constraints of urban living and boost your immunity with URBAN GARDENING 👨‍🌾

Collagen: A runners best friend?

What is collagen and how can it support you on your running journey? 🏃🏻‍♂️

I’m a gut health expert – here’s what I drink every day…

Looking for a mood-boosting coffee alternative? Here’s what Shann brews to get her through the day 🍵

The power of postbiotics

You’ve heard about probiotic and prebiotics… but what about postbiotics? Discover this KEY to gut health!

3 reasons you should eat seasonally + 3 recipes for July!

Save your pennies and eat local, seasonal produce 🥦 Here’s why and HOW –

CG at Women in Wales’ 30th Event!

Check out CG supporting Women in Wales… and don’t miss the adorable goat picture! 🐐

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