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The Magic Garden Frog launch party!

Check out the BTS of Shann’s ‘Save the Frog’ event at Cardigan Castle! 🐸

How to prep for the 4th trimester

Five things you can do to make those first few weeks that little bit easier…

Fibromyalgia and the link to gut health

The evolving link between fibromyalgia and gut health. Discover the science here –

Granola, Greek yoghurt & berry parfait

Indulge in a tasty, nutritious breakfast with our granola, Greek yoghurt and berry parfait!

8 herbs for gut health + 6 creative ways to add them to your day

Your complete guide to unlocking the benefits of herbs!

Can boosting your gut health improve iron absorption?

Could a microbiome imbalance be hindering your iron absorption? Answers HERE…

The Goats Go To Windsor!

Shann meets His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales! 🐐

5 tips for thriving in parenthood!

Our gentle reminder that you are important too ❤️ 5 tips for thriving in parenthood HERE!

CG at YayForYoga!

Check out Alison’s yoga workshop for fueling fitness in perimenopause 🧘

Baked apple & cinnamon porridge

Delicious, nutritious and soothing baked porridge! Recipe here –

Why apple cider vinegar deserves a spot in your kitchen cupboard

Discover 4 scientifically backed reasons you should be taking apple cider vinegar!

Endometriosis and the link to your gut

Here’s why improving your gut health can help manage symptoms!

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