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Mindful Eating for IBS

What’s the connection between stress and IBS, and what can you do about it? A simple guide to help both mind and body.

4 Easy Ways to Ensure You’re Eating Enough Fibre

Are you getting enough fibre?  Low  fibre diversity is a very common issue these days. Many people who are trying to “eat a good diet” […]

What is a gut-healthy diet?

Trying to get gut-healthy?  Here is the Gut Health Diet created by Shann Jones and our team of Chuckling Goat Nutritional Advisors.  We’re going to […]

Cut loose from cravings and improve your diet – without suffering!

If you experience food cravings, you’re not alone. A whopping 97 percent of women and 68 percent of men report experiencing cravings for certain foods.1 […]

Time To Repair Your Gut!

So, the party’s over.  You’ve had your treats, your sugar, your booze, and your Christmas cake. You’ve over-indulged, stayed up too late, eaten naughty nibbles, […]

5 top tips on how to look after your child’s gut health this Christmas

Christmas can be a challenging time for family gut health, especially with all the sweet treats floating around! Sugar kills off the good bugs inside […]

Is Your Gut Prepared for the Party Season? Here’s what you need to do!

We all want to have fun over the festive season. But parties, booze and rich food aren’t much fun if your gut isn’t happy! At […]

Summer Gut Health Hacks

The summer season can be challenging for your hard-working tummy! There’s an inverse relationship between the temperature outside and the body temperature inside. In winter, […]

The real problem with the FODMAP diet – and how to get some joy back into your relationship with food!

Here’s the problem with the low FODMAP diet: it’s a temporary fix. Yes, you may get some relief by removing gut-irritants from your diet. But […]

Why your food choices matter – a new way to think about the food you eat

Let’s think about this for a minute: Why do you eat? To stay alive? Because you’re hungry? Because you’re bored? Because you’re trying to push […]

The crazy pasta that you SHOULD be eating every day! (and you’ve probably never heard of it…)

Usually when you’re trying to restore your gut health, I recommend avoiding most bread, rice, pasta and white potatoes. These foods are all high GI, […]

The amazing gluten-free flour you may never have heard of!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried gluten-free flours and been disappointed by the taste and/or texture. But here’s the fab flour that I’m loving […]