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Father’s Day gift guide

Father’s Day is almost here, and it’s time to spoil Dad! Gift inspo here –

Watch this 3-minute video to blow your mind a bit…

What’s the connection between the soil and your gut? Find out in this mind-blowing 3 minute video…

CG at HMP Lancaster Farms!

Check out CG’s support at HMP Lancaster Farms well-being event🪻

TikTok’s ‘Sleepy Girl’ mocktail

Check out the viral Sleepy Girl Mocktail to help you catch some peaceful Z’s!😴 Recipe here –

Food additives exterminate gut bacteria!

Everything you DON’T want to know about the additives in your food!

Laura’s strawberry crumble

Indulgent strawberry crumble.. with a twist!🍓 Recipe HERE –

Our Random Acts of Kindness Campaign – Women’s Refuge, Cardigan

CG brings RAOK to the wonderful staff at the Cardigan Women’s Refuge ♡

Trying to stabilise your blood glucose levels? Here are 3 things that can help!

3 things you can ADD to your diet to stabilise blood glucose levels!

Woodland wellness & forest bathing!

Summer has begun and we are officially prescribing you a dose of nature!🍃 Here’s why…

Herb gardening: DIY at home!

Grow your own flavour! The what, how, and when of DIY herb gardening 🌱

CG for Young Lives vs Cancer!

Spot our all-natural soaps at the Young Lives vs Cancer fundraiser event ♡

11 tips for avoiding a mid-afternoon slump

Feeling that all-too-familiar energy crash right after lunch? Power through with these 11 tips 💪

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