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Spring is sprung… why prebiotics are so important! 

Prebiotics feed the probiotics, just as compost feeds the flowers 🌱 Lessons from Shann’s garden…

I’m a gut health expert – here’s why I take PREbiotics every day.

Do prebiotics really matter, if you’re already drinking kefir? Shann breaks it down HERE!

Everything you need to know about prebiotics

Celebrate World Prebiotic Week with us 🌾 ALL of your prebiotic questions answered here!

Prebiotics: trick or truth!

Revealing the truth about prebiotics, how they work and their benefits…

Banana Bread (with added prebiotics!)

The colder, darker months are the perfect time to indulge in a bit of comfort food!

Everything you need to know about prebiotics – and how to take them!

What are prebiotics and how can you start adding them to your gut-health routine?

Probiotics vs Prebiotics: what’s the difference?

You know they’re good for your gut, but what’s the difference? Find out here!

What can prebiotics do for you?

The benefits of prebiotics in one, clear pic!

5 Things You Need to Know About Prebiotics and How They Can Help You

Feeling confident about your knowledge of probiotics and their benefits? Great! Now, how about PREbiotics? What are prebiotics, and what can they do for you? […]

Fibromyalgia and the link to gut health

The evolving link between fibromyalgia and gut health. Discover the science here –

Endometriosis and the link to your gut

Here’s why improving your gut health can help manage symptoms!

Love your gut – love lentils!

Elevate your gut health game with this easy flatbread recipe! 🤤

Date & fig prebiotic energy balls

Delicious and packed with prebiotics – you NEED to try these!

8 tips for navigating Easter indulgence

Find your balance this Easter with these top tips 😋

How is your mental wellness connected to your gut?

Discover why experts call your gut “the second brain” and start improving your mental wellness TODAY 🧠🦠

Vitamin K – a job for your gut bugs!

You’ve heard about vitamins A, B, C, and D, but what about vitamin K? Everything you need to know HERE…

Prebiotic potato, dill & cucumber salad

Elevate your salad game with this delicious and nutritious prebiotic-rich potato salad. Recipe here –

5 ways to take our new Mushroom Blend!

Five fun ways to take our NEW Complete Mushroom Blend…

IBD: symptoms, causes & what to do about it!

Half a million people in the UK are living with IBD – here’s how to manage the symptoms!

CG’s NEW Microbiome Test: after-care & what to expect from your consultation

You’ve completed your sample – now what? All the info regarding your after-care here!

Blueberry muffin SYNBIOTIC smoothie!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this gut-boosting SYNBIOTIC smoothie…

Gut dysbiosis – part 3 – what to do about it

How to RESOLVE gut dysbiosis! Natural tips here –

What information can you expect from CG’s NEW Microbiome Test?

Gut issues? Get tested! Discover the SEVEN key areas of gut health that the CG Microbiome Test examines…

5 ways to detox naturally this New Year

Ditch the conventional detox and get ready for a healthy New Year, the natural way!

12 days of health and wellness

Simple ways to get on track and ready for 2024 ✨

9 nourishing breakfast ideas to kickstart your New Year

9 delicious and nutritious breakfast ideas fit for a KING this New Year!

5 tips for a healthy winter

5 invaluable tips to ensure your winter remains both happy and healthy!

Christmas gingerbread biscuits

Dive into the holiday spirit with these scrumptious gingerbread biscuits. Recipe here –

Your gut bacteria: a key player in diabetes prevention

The power of probiotics and prebiotics for diabetes PREVENTION.

Essential nutrients for fertility health

Discover the essential nutrients to optimise your fertility health ♡

Oral Microbiome – your mouth and your gut are connected!

Your oral health is more important than you think. Discover why your mouth is your stomach’s first line of DEFENCE!🦷

Calm the chaos: 9 tips for coping with stress

Stress is an inevitable part of life, but it doesn’t have to control you! Our tips for calming the chaos…

5 tips to naturally manage your eczema

Could your eczema be the result of a hidden battle within your body? Here’s what to do!

5 ways to support your family’s well-being: back-to-school season

Our top tips to stay ahead of those back-to-school bad bugs!

CG First Aid Kit for fungal infections

Our tips for preventing and managing fungal infections…

4 myths about probiotics: busted!

Look at the common misconceptions and debunk the myths!

My go-to smoothie for glowy skin

Glow from the inside, out ✨

What’s the deal with BIOTICS?

Everything you need to know about pre, pro and post biotics

Signs your synbiotics are working!

How do you know if your probiotics + prebiotics are working? All the info you need –

What can Kefir do for you?

Boost your gut health with probiotics 💪

Antioxidant-rich French dressing

A zingy, heart-healthy salad dressing to try this Summer

Fuel up and flourish: meal ideas for healthy weight gain

Delicious, nutritious meal inspo, to help you achieve a healthy weight gain 🥑

Marvellous mucus – why it’s GOOD for your gut!

Mucus – good?! Yep, you heard right – check out the science here 🔍

Blueberry & ginger synbiotic smoothie

What better way to start the day!? 🫐

Everything you need to know about histamine – and how to handle it!

What is histamine and what happens when there’s too much of it? Your questions answered.

The beauty of bitters: 6 natural digestive aids

Can eating something bitter really be THAT good for you? Health benefits here!

Signs of an unhappy gut – and what you can do about it!

Do you have an unhappy gut? Recognise the signs and find out how to make it happy 😊

Biofilm – The Beauty and the Beast

What are biofilms and what can you do to prevent the harmful kind?

7 simple ways to boost your health

Achieving optimum health and wellbeing is easier than you think…

Food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances – what is the difference?

All the science AND what you can do to help reduce symptoms 💪

How to combat constipation – a step-by-step guide

Do you suffer from constipation? Here’s what you can do!

Gut Facts 🤓

Ten facts about the ecosystem inside YOU 🫵

What do you need to know about SYNBIOTICS?

Super-charge your gut health with synbiotics! All the info you need here

Gut-Loving Easter Nests

It’s naughty but nice – and with a gut-healthy twist 😋

10 ways to reduce your sugar intake

Looking for ways to cut down on sugar after the Easter binge? We’ve got you covered!

Shopping for plant diversity – 4 easy tips

Eating a variety of plant foods is easier and less expensive than you think…

Fibre-rich bread for your gut!

Full of fibre and gut-healthy goodness – enjoy!

How to nurture your skin (+ 3 DIY facemasks!)

You’ve heard of your gut microbiome, but have you heard of your skin biome? Read on…

How to combat Long Covid

Say goodbye to long-covid symptoms with these 7 nutrients 💪

Chocolate Brownies

Treat your loved ones and your gut bugs to something yummy 😉

Feeling tired? Read this!

Spot the signs and solve the problem.

Get a Fresh Start!

So – it’s 2023. Here on the farm, we don’t really think in terms of “resolutions” anymore. These days, we take the new year as […]

Raspberry & Coconut Prebiotic Energy Balls

These little balls of energy make great on-the-go snacks!

Everything you need to know about fibre

Why is fibre so important and how can you include more in your diet? Find out here!

Super-Speedy Miso and Tempeh Stir-fry

No time? No problem! Here’s a quick and easy gut-healthy supper solution…

What’s so great about the Mediterranean diet – and how can you get started?

You may have heard the talk – but what is it really and what can it do for you?

What causes IBS – and what you can do about it!

Scientists now understand what’s behind this troubling disorder. Read on for practical info and solutions…

The Top Reasons to Eat Local This Summer

Learn how to strengthen your immune system, and give back to local communities at the same time!

Let’s get summer ready – the gut-brain healthy way!

Forget all those nasty “bikini-ready” worries – here’s how to get prepped for summer, the happy healthy way!

What’s the quickest way to boost your mental health?

If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, this will help!

Creamy Prebiotic Soup

Healthy can also be delicious! Here’s a healthy hack that the whole family will enjoy.

Why you should never, ever ignore your dry skin!

Neglecting your skin can have a bigger impact on your health than you might think! Find out why – and what to do about it – here.

Get heart-healthy for Valentines! 

Your loved ones rely on your strength and generosity every day. So improving your own heart health is one of the best gifts you can […]

Global Prebiotic Week!

So, this week is Global Prebiotic Week! (Seriously, who makes these things up?) In honour of the occasion, we thought that we would do a […]

There’s a war going on inside you right now!

There’s a war going on right now, Inside your gut microbiome. The good bugs are fighting the bad bugs. The survival at stake – is […]

What should you do if you have to take antibiotics?

Hey, it happens. You have to take antibiotics.  Now because you’re a member of the CG Tribe, you know that antibiotics come with their own […]

Open letter to Boris Johnson RE: Obesity

Dear BoJo,  It’s great that you’re trying to tackle obesity in the UK.  You’re quite right that obesity is a risk factor for Covid-19.1 A […]

Give your baby the best start – improve your gut health!

Whether you’re trying for a baby, currently pregnant or coping with a newborn, there’s one simple thing you can do to massively improve things for […]

Which supplements should you be taking to protect yourself right now?

What can you do to boost your immune system, during these uncertain times? Here are the supplements we recommend taking daily: Vitamin C Seriously sick […]

Why Kefir Is The Best Mental Health First Aid

Are you experiencing low mood, anxiety or depression?  Now you can create your own mental health first aid kit!  The trillions of living organisms inside […]

Here’s why steroids will never clear your eczema – and what WILL help.

We tend to think of our gut and our skin as two separate things – but really, they are one connected surface! Any gut disorder […]

Why are we bloated in the morning? And what to do about it!

Inside your gut are 100 trillion living bacteria, known as the gut microbiome. These living bacteria control how you break down the food that you […]

The crazy pasta that you SHOULD be eating every day! (and you’ve probably never heard of it…)

Usually when you’re trying to restore your gut health, I recommend avoiding most bread, rice, pasta and white potatoes. These foods are all high GI, […]

Eat Goat Dairy

In the Western world, we tend to overlook goat’s milk in favour of cow’s, which is a shame, because goat’s milk is nutritious, healthy, and […]