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Blueberry muffin SYNBIOTIC smoothie!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this gut-boosting SYNBIOTIC smoothie…

Autumnal Synbiotic Smoothie

Craving an autumnal, gut-healthy smoothie? This is the recipe for you!🍂

My go-to smoothie for glowy skin

Glow from the inside, out ✨

Fuel up and flourish: healthy high-calorie smoothie

High-calorie, nutrient-rich and gut-healthy 💪

Mega Magnesium Smoothie

Nourish your body with this magnesium-packed synbiotic smoothie!

Make your Kefir smoothie SWEET this summer

Boost your gut health and satisfy your sweet tooth with this recipe…

Pineapple & turmeric smoothie

Quick, easy and loaded with natural goodness 🍍

Blueberry & ginger synbiotic smoothie

What better way to start the day!? 🫐

Cucumber and mint Kefir smoothie

Stay cool and refreshed with this gut-healthy smoothie 💚

Tropical green smoothie

Boost your gut health and make your Kefir taste YUMMY with this recipe 💚

Simple Synbiotic Smoothie

Probiotic Kefir + Complete Prebiotic = the perfect synbiotic smoothie. Follow the recipe here!

Oatmeal & Banana Kefir Smoothie

Breakfast; sorted ✅ Follow the recipe here – enjoy!

Chocolate Gut-Brain-Health Smoothie

Delicious, guilt-free, quick and easy, chocolate – breakfast sorted! You’re welcome.

Summer Smoothie Bowl

Find out how to keep everyone, and their gut bugs, happy this summer!

Coconut Mango Kefir Smoothie 🥭🥥

Fall in love with mangoes this summer for a quick, gut-healthy treat!

Gut Health Smoothie

How do you make the ultimate gut health smoothie? Watch it here…

Gut-Brain Health Smoothie

This is the easiest way to combine your Gut Health products into a simple daily protocol. It’s quick and straightforward – just blend, drink and […]

A weeks worth of Super Supper Smoothies for gut health

Super Supper Smoothie Now, I have two skeptical, non-vegetable loving guys in the house, and although they’re quite happy to chow down on meat and […]

The Good Skin Smoothie for Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea and Acne

Here’s Benji – he used to have eczema! But he now has beautiful clear skin. Why? Because he drinks his smoothie every morning. You can […]

5 ways to take our new Mushroom Blend!

Five fun ways to take our NEW Complete Mushroom Blend…

The power of medicinal mushrooms🍄

13 medicinal mushrooms for a healthier YOU and one simple solution to include them all!

Winter walks: 5 reasons to embrace the cold

Discover why we LOVE a cold, winter walk ❄️

6 ways to love your brain this Valentine’s Day

Boost your brain health this Valentine’s Day with these 6 simple tips 🧠

Struggling with the taste of kefir? Try this!

Love your Kefir with these tasty tips 😋

IBD: symptoms, causes & what to do about it!

Half a million people in the UK are living with IBD – here’s how to manage the symptoms!

I’m a gut health expert – here’s why I take PREbiotics every day.

Do prebiotics really matter, if you’re already drinking kefir? Shann breaks it down HERE!

Natural ways to reduce your symptoms of PCOS

Support PCOS symptoms through these diet and lifestyle tips 💜

Is our NEW Microbiome Test right for you?

Gut Issues? Get Tested! All of your CG Microbiome Test questions answered…

5 gut-healthy ways to ‘unprocess’ your diet

Ditch the ultra-processed food with these 5 SIMPLE swaps!

Festive chocolate tiffin

Kickstart your New Year festivities with this nourishing and deliciously indulgent tiffin recipe!

9 nourishing breakfast ideas to kickstart your New Year

9 delicious and nutritious breakfast ideas fit for a KING this New Year!

5 ways to love your brain

Elevate your brain health and cognitive well-being with these EASY tips 🧠

10 ways you can eat more fruit & veggies!

Top tips to make sure you are eating your 5 (or more!) a day 🍎

Gut dysbiosis: part 2 – signs, symptoms & links to disease

Gut dysbiosis can show up in more ways than you might think!

Adapting to stress with Ashwagandha

Find out why Ashwagandha is the CG SECRET to stress resilience –

3-step skincare routine for men

Men, it’s time to take charge of your skin with this simple 3-step skincare routine…

Everything you need to know about prebiotics

Celebrate World Prebiotic Week with us 🌾 ALL of your prebiotic questions answered here!

Should you be taking vitamin D?

Discover why vitamin D is the sunshine supplement for YOUR health.

Osteoporosis: how magnesium can help!

Could magnesium be the unsung hero mineral your bones have been waiting for?

Natural ways to manage symptoms of arthritis

Arthritis has a way of turning the simplest tasks into daily battles. Find natural solutions here 💪

Calm the chaos: 9 tips for coping with stress

Stress is an inevitable part of life, but it doesn’t have to control you! Our tips for calming the chaos…

5 tips to naturally manage your eczema

Could your eczema be the result of a hidden battle within your body? Here’s what to do!

5 ways to support your family’s well-being: back-to-school season

Our top tips to stay ahead of those back-to-school bad bugs!

CG First Aid Kit for fungal infections

Our tips for preventing and managing fungal infections…

Everything you need to know about prebiotics – and how to take them!

What are prebiotics and how can you start adding them to your gut-health routine?

The original chill pill: 3 ways magnesium can help you sleep

Magnesium – your natural aid for sleep! Find out how it can help here…

How to have a ‘simple’ summer

Slow down and reconnect with yourself and your kids this summer

Summer Iced Tea Lollies

An easy, gut-healthy summer treat for you and your kids – enjoy!

Everything you need to know about collagen – and how to take it!

What is collagen, which collagen is best and how to add it to your routine. Find out here!

Signs your synbiotics are working!

How do you know if your probiotics + prebiotics are working? All the info you need –

18 gut-healthy snack ideas

Is your tummy rumbling between meals? Check out these healthy snack options…

The magic of movement: 3 ways exercise boosts your gut health and immune system

Exercise is good for your insides too! 🤸‍♀️ Here’s how –

Fuel up and flourish: meal ideas for healthy weight gain

Delicious, nutritious meal inspo, to help you achieve a healthy weight gain 🥑

Marvellous mucus – why it’s GOOD for your gut!

Mucus – good?! Yep, you heard right – check out the science here 🔍

Fuel up and flourish: 7 tips for healthy weight gain

Fuel your body, boost your strength, and achieve a healthy weight gain!

Everything you need to know about histamine – and how to handle it!

What is histamine and what happens when there’s too much of it? Your questions answered.

How we drink our Kefir at CG

Here’s how we drink our Kefir here at CG HQ… How do you drink yours?

Everything you need to know about Ashwagandha!

We 💗it, and once you know what it can do for you, you will too!

The beauty of bitters: 6 natural digestive aids

Can eating something bitter really be THAT good for you? Health benefits here!

Probiotics vs Prebiotics: what’s the difference?

You know they’re good for your gut, but what’s the difference? Find out here!

How to combat constipation – a step-by-step guide

Do you suffer from constipation? Here’s what you can do!

What can ginger do for you?

It\s a fiery spice that does more than flavour your food – find out the benefits here!

What do you need to know about SYNBIOTICS?

Super-charge your gut health with synbiotics! All the info you need here

How to manage your kid’s sugar rush this Easter

Let them enjoy the extra treats; we’ve got tips to help you manage the sugar rush…

10 ways to reduce your sugar intake

Looking for ways to cut down on sugar after the Easter binge? We’ve got you covered!

Kitchen cupboard must-haves for mature women

Kitchen cupboard essentials to help you age beautifully, inside and out ✨

Shopping for plant diversity – 4 easy tips

Eating a variety of plant foods is easier and less expensive than you think…

3 FREE ways to celebrate Mother’s Day

Meaningful ways to treat your loved one – for FREE 🥰

Do collagen supplements REALLY work?

Take a look at what the science says…

7 ways to lose weight by adding something IN to your routine!

Tired of ‘cutting things out’ to lose weight? Try adding these 7 things IN!

Why should you be taking a SYNBIOTIC?

The power of SYNBIOTICS! More info here 🔍

What kind of chocolate should you choose?

Not all chocolate is created equal – which is best for you and your gut health?

How can you make your snacks gut-healthy?

Here’s how you can enjoy your snack break and take care of your gut bugs : )

4 morning habits to improve your gut

Easy-to-follow, gut-healthy morning habits for 2023

What’s all the fuss about fermented foods?

Why you should be adding fermented foods to your daily diet…

Get a Fresh Start!

So – it’s 2023. Here on the farm, we don’t really think in terms of “resolutions” anymore. These days, we take the new year as […]

Festive fun on the farm

We enjoyed every moment…here’s our season in pics!

A tipple-too-many this holiday season?

We’ve all been there – here’s what will help.

Winter first aid for coughs

Two natural remedies that should always be in your first-aid cupboard

Do you need to eat more fibre? Meal plans here!

91% of Brits aren’t getting enough fibre. Fix it! Easy planning tool for you.

Prep Tips From The Farm

Busy week ahead? Here are our top five prep tips, to help you get organised.

Everything you need to know about fibre

Why is fibre so important and how can you include more in your diet? Find out here!

What’s so good about GOOD FAT? 🥑

Did you know that some fats are GOOD for you? Find out why and how you can add them to your diet.

5 Tips to Naturally Prevent Flu

Prevention is the best cure this winter! Here’s how…

4 mocktail recipes for sober October!

It’s Sober October – get mixing those mocktails!

Let’s spice it up! 

Heard all the talk about herbs and spices, but not sure where to start? Here’s a foundation course for you, plus the science to back it up.

10 things you can eat to help tackle high cholesterol

We’re always being told what to give up. Here are ten things you can add in.

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

The debate has been raging for decades – we settle it, right here. Read the science…

Is your forgetfulness normal?

Do you often walk into a room and forget why you’re there? We’ve all done it. But is it a red flag? Learn more here.

Feeling stressed? It may be time to DO NOTHING…

Discover the new Dutch method of reducing stress and boosting happiness – no special equipment required!

What causes IBS – and what you can do about it!

Scientists now understand what’s behind this troubling disorder. Read on for practical info and solutions…

6 reasons why you’re hungry all the time

Constant snack attack? Take back control! Here’s how….

Are you trapped in the Sleep-Stress Cycle?

You deserve a good night’s sleep tonight! Top tips here…

Let’s get summer ready – the gut-brain healthy way!

Forget all those nasty “bikini-ready” worries – here’s how to get prepped for summer, the happy healthy way!

What’s the quickest way to boost your mental health?

If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, this will help!

What’s one simple thing you can do to help prevent type 2 diabetes?

This simple addition could make all the difference…read more now!

What is fermented food, and how can it benefit you?

You hear a lot about fermented food these days – – but what exactly is it, and why is it so good?

Which kind of oats should I eat?

Everything you need to know about oats, in one convenient hit

How can you stay gut-healthy when you travel?

Here are some top tips to stay healthy and happy on your travels.

Kids & Kefir

Did you know that your child’s mood, sleep, behaviour, skin, and immune system is linked to their gut health? Safe and simple ways to keep them gut-healthy, right here.

5 ways to stay healthy in the workplace

Whether you’re working from home or the office, here are a few ways to stay healthy and focused during the workday.

Eat right to boost the “lean bug”!

As a member of the Chuckling Goat tribe, you’ve probably already heard the good news about popular bacteria like Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus which can improve […]

Get Ready to Party – Without the Guilt!

The festive season is here – so it’s time to get ready.  You need to prepare your gut for the holiday season. We all want […]

Coping with stress? This can help!

It’s back-to-school time, and this September has brought a lot of changes – children are heading into the classroom, and many adults are returning to […]

Collagen – do you need it?

Here at Chuckling Goat, we add fish collagen to our Gut Health Smoothie every day, mainly to benefit gut health. That’s because collagen contains the […]

4 Easy Ways to Ensure You’re Eating Enough Fibre

Are you getting enough fibre?  Low  fibre diversity is a very common issue these days. Many people who are trying to “eat a good diet” […]

Forget resolutions – 3 DO-ABLE changes to make you feel better now!

I’m going to put it right out there – New Year’s Resolutions are over. Who needs them? We’ve got enough people right now telling us […]

Global Prebiotic Week!

So, this week is Global Prebiotic Week! (Seriously, who makes these things up?) In honour of the occasion, we thought that we would do a […]

There’s a war going on inside you right now!

There’s a war going on right now, Inside your gut microbiome. The good bugs are fighting the bad bugs. The survival at stake – is […]

What should you do if you have to take antibiotics?

Hey, it happens. You have to take antibiotics.  Now because you’re a member of the CG Tribe, you know that antibiotics come with their own […]

Do you have biofilm?

The more we study the gut microbiome here at Chuckling Goat, with the help of our amazing Microbiome Test, the more we learn about this […]

What’s the Right Way to Take Kefir?

Are you getting the maximum benefit from your kefir?  Probiotic therapy is a cutting edge area of science, and new information is coming in all […]

What is a gut-healthy diet?

Trying to get gut-healthy?  Here is the Gut Health Diet created by Shann Jones and our team of Chuckling Goat Nutritional Advisors.  We’re going to […]

Give your baby the best start – improve your gut health!

Whether you’re trying for a baby, currently pregnant or coping with a newborn, there’s one simple thing you can do to massively improve things for […]

Which pre-existing health conditions increase your coronavirus risk?

As the cases of coronavirus in the UK mount, we are beginning to confront the reality that not all infections are equally dangerous. Most people […]

Time To Repair Your Gut!

So, the party’s over.  You’ve had your treats, your sugar, your booze, and your Christmas cake. You’ve over-indulged, stayed up too late, eaten naughty nibbles, […]

5 top tips on how to look after your child’s gut health this Christmas

Christmas can be a challenging time for family gut health, especially with all the sweet treats floating around! Sugar kills off the good bugs inside […]

Why Kefir Is The Best Mental Health First Aid

Are you experiencing low mood, anxiety or depression?  Now you can create your own mental health first aid kit!  The trillions of living organisms inside […]

Find Your Inner Smile, Week One

If you experienced anxiety or depression in the past week, you’re not alone! In the UK, it is estimated that 1 in 6 people in […]

Why it’s important for you to “re-wild” your gut — and how to do it!

Modern life is the enemy of your gut. That delicate, fragile ecosystem inside you is damaged every day, by the things I like to call […]

The real problem with the FODMAP diet – and how to get some joy back into your relationship with food!

Here’s the problem with the low FODMAP diet: it’s a temporary fix. Yes, you may get some relief by removing gut-irritants from your diet. But […]

How we treat a cold on the farm

Winter is the season of coughs, colds and sniffles! On the farm, we keep our immune systems continually boosted with our daily dose of kefir, […]

Eat Good Fats

A word about good fats: Eat them! You will not be able to heal your skin properly without them. On the farm, we’re big fans […]

Eggs are a magic food. Eat eggs.

Don’t know how to make it any simpler than that! In the words of the doyenne of gut science and health, Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, […]

Why Are Good Fats So… Good?

A word about good fats: Eat them! You will not be able to heal your skin properly without them. And guess what – butter is […]

What’s the super-food you can grow on your own window sill?

I’d like to introduce the concept of your own Windowsill Farm. You can be growing healthy things for your family, wherever you are! One of […]